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Story of a cycle

Hii this topic seems to be stupid. But i feel it is important. I talk to various cycle about their life. Let us see what they said.......
My owner is a farmer living 10 miles away from his farm. A poor villager can’t afford anything expect me. I like a asset for him. He love me like his children so that I would help him to reach farm everyday. Help me to take his produce to market. He n I can’t be separated.
Hii my owner is 3 old kid . I m tricycle. I got me on his 3rd birthday. I m his first ride. His dad make him sit on me n help him to ride me. At first he was so scared because he think he would fall off from me. But after sometime he was enjoying and forgot about every worry. He is in love with me that he wash me daily n don’t let anybody touch me.
Hi my owner8 yr old girl. I am her gift from her father when she come first in her class. She was crying before her exam to have a bicycle. She doesn’t know how to ride me. His dad sit behind n let her take the command so she actually …

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