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Want to bring sense in nonsense brains

Homosexuality is my new topic. Ya it is too common but whenever i go out try to make conversation about it nobody want speak about it. So this the way I can convey my message. Acc to so called “intelligent person” homosexuality is against the law of nature so it’s a crime. First of all I really want to meet this great person and second i want to give a piece of advice which is just keep himself on same position then talk about the law of nature. One day you woke up into a new world where heterosexuality is against the law of nature and homosexuality is normal n being heterosexual you found it very odd n out of world. You think you don’t belong here and you would never be accepted the way you are. They would always question you about your sexuality. You will be harassed by them . They will provide you with different cure to correct yourself because acc to them something is wrong with you. Only option remain with is too end this life as you can’t go with this torture anyone so it’s bet…

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