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Feelings As a teenager

Seems to short and simple topic but sorry to disappoint you it's not soo simple as it seems to be it complicated like a rollercoaster a gaint one. So here I am to let out my feelings as stupid not soo teenager fighting , struggling ,cursing and many more. So first problem I think every teenager went through is family problems not like food ,shelter and money it about freedom feeling of captured in a cage, can't take any decision, pupet and so on that feeling is not soo called peer pressure it just a part of growing up and also Change in your environment. So just get open up with your parents tell about feelings and use them in positive way may be getting a part time job or getting good marks or fulling for dreams. Second problem love falling for someone is it right or not, I really like him or her its just a crash, may be I should talk to her but wait she said no and so on these are some of thoughts which confuse me about my feelings as a teenager so I decide to get open up a…

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