Feelings As a teenager

Seems to short and simple topic but sorry to disappoint you it's not soo simple as it seems to be it complicated like a rollercoaster a gaint one. So here I am to let out my feelings as stupid not soo teenager fighting , struggling ,cursing and many more. So first problem I think every teenager went through is family problems not like food ,shelter and money it about freedom feeling of captured in a cage, can't take any decision, pupet and so on that feeling is not soo called peer pressure it just a part of growing up and also Change in your environment. So just get open up with your parents tell about feelings and use them in positive way may be getting a part time job or getting good marks or fulling for dreams. Second problem love falling for someone is it right or not, I really like him or her its just a crash, may be I should talk to her but wait she said no and so on these are some of thoughts which confuse me about my feelings as a teenager so I decide to get open up and get to know that its better to try then regret in future take as much time you want to confirm your feelings. Third problem what to do in future if I choose this then how much I earn, if I do this will my family support me, if I do this will my friend do the same soo many questions.. for me my only answer is choose what you want what makes you happy which make you feel like you are who you are and I am sure your parents will soon understand it. ❤️You I know this too long article but for short be clear about what you feel.


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