Festive season

Hiii its time for diwali a beautiful of light if you are Indian then its just waste of time to write why we celebrate diwali and if you aren’t then just google its a long story. So definition of festive season is different for everyone for someone its just a holiday, for someone it may be a time to meet their which are far away from them, for someone its time for new clothes, for someone its time for gifts 🎁 . For me festive season don’t even exist its not festive its about season for me my everyday is festive day because for me festive means showing love to your love ones, it means showering with gift of care, it means great family time, it means to tell your friends that you hate them but it literally sense telling them they are just like you. Soo if I carry on my definition of festive then it would take a big page so for short being happy is a festive day and have a great festive day


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