Wow too heavy word let me give u a proper dictionary meaning determination is the quality of being determined; firmness of purpose. They are not my words. for me determination is a mental craziness to achieve to change and to create. Let me give u little bit details of my word determination. I have a phobia of heights here determination of change start I want to do para jumping that is my dream even my goal.I cannot change history but I can use my present to change my future.Here I m preparing for an aptitude test for pg sometime I throught 💭 why I m doing it. It’s too boring even not creative then next moment I give a tight slap on my face n say u want to achieve something u want to change your life or you want to stay here where u r in the world where nothing will change if u will not be there thats it. Ya it hurt  n make me back on the track so this the way I provide myself with a speech of determination. Ya u can afterward give a tap on your back as a reward.


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