Anger-devil or angel

Whenever i meet an adult first advice they give don't get angry too much it is bad. It also take away all the happy moments. It just give you memories to reget. So for them it is a devil a big no no from there side. But from my point it just your way how u use your anger how u channelise your anger. Channelising your anger is just like channelising your strenght and use it in right direction. A person who get angry easily and through out that anger easily for him anger is devil because from him he is not getting anything he is just losing by making decisions which harm others in present and harm himself in future. But the who stored that anger and use it when it is best time to use are most intelligent people in the world. Let me give u example everybody know about mahatma ghandhi most loveable indian, an Indian who lead the struggle for independence so the question arise what make him to fight or say lead the struggle. There was a incident in his life which was a turning point in his life he was thrown out of a train because he was an Indian just this moment he decided to fight for his country and for every indian he stored that anger and use it in his struggle for independence and the result is in front of everyone. Anger can break u or anger can make u choice is yours. Have a great day....


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