Win or lose

This blog is about moments wheather they are good or bad. So yesterday there was a cricket match between india and pakistan its a final match of icc champions trophy. As a indian n cricket fan i really want Indian team to win but sometimes thing wouldn't work acc to us. Which means Indian team lost the match. A really sad moment i was upset like hell ya human nature when things don't go as the way you want them to go then you fell bad. But then i realise we should appreciate their affects it might be that day is not thier day. Win n lose are the option in a game ya tie is also an aption but not every time somebody has to win n somebody has to lose yesterday they aren't as good  pakistan team that's why they lose but it never they lose hope they would work n emerge as a winner next time. Same thing happen in daily life we lost something somewhere n even somebody beacause of some reasons may be we are not that best so we need to keep trying without losing hopes so try until you succeed.bye........


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