It's day of celebration. It's day of party, night out ,trips ,etc . As I can't say what each person Birthday meant for her or him. For me my birthday give me knowledge that I survive 1 more yr in best health with love n joy. I am happy that I get the chance to live one more year. Ya I know birth and death are two side of a coin. Everyone needs big life but the question arise big life is a good life ??? I can't say for everyone. For me good life doesn't mean big life or vice versa . Good life is life in which I m happy n making other happy . Making my parents proud. Having goals like I have a goal to jump from Cliff ya that's too crazy but I have acrophobia so that make sense . Smiling in every small moments like kl Ho na Ho . This is little filmy but it work when you smile for you the world is best n anger nminside you bye bye. Thank-you for reading my philosophy 


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