2 life, 2 struggles, 2 stories ,2 faces

There are two kids one having all luxuries and still crying for more and another one a kid who is working to get a day meal for himself. One have a beautiful home and  other don't have a home to live but he satisfies himself by saying whole world is his. One have loving parents to fulfill every desire of his  and other don't have anyone to say him that they love him. One who is crying over carrying a heavy school bag and other is crying over carrying a heavy garbage bag. Struggle for one is to get good marks in exams and struggle for other to get at least one time meal in a day. So much difference between these kids because of where they born. One born is wealthy family and other born in a family who didn't want him that's why they leave him or say disown him. Two world different from each other and this is reality not a fiction. 


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