Acc to the sankari society women are of two types : good n bad. Good woman is that who doesn't fight , who doesn't travel in public transport, who doesn't have male friends,who knows how to cook, who doesn't roam around, who doesn't laugh aloud,who doesn't know how to dance as dance is for bad girls and good girls don't do that. Girls who don't belong to good girl category then they are bad. Length of your skirt is the main factor that help to categorize a girl. If she is wearing a short skirt or one piece or jeans (yes it also belong)or cut selves then she is a bad girl. If she is wearing a long skirt or Saree or suit then she is good girls. So these are standards of girls. Let's take a look. Girl could be both good or bad during freshers she wear western dress then she is a bad girls and during time of farewell she wear ethnic then she is a good girl. There are no standards to categorize boys why the society has to make standards for girls. If the ans is to protect them then pls tell your boys just to keep their eyes to themselves then we are much protected. Girls fight for what is right if that make you fall in bad girl category that's all right because there is nobody in good category. 


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