C for crazy , C for college

Click n life means beautiful movement captured with happiness. Movement like walking from one metro station to another doing what I don't know. Bunking class and going to Chandni chowk just to eat gol gappe. Watching animated movies and decide cartoon character as farewell theme. Eating lunch while sitting on first bench in the front of teacher. Dancing like hell in the farewell party of seniors which was organized by juniors. And thrown out by cleaning department. Cut the exam paper in small pieces and throw them in dustbin and went out for a stupid movie having no sense and laughing like idiot at joke which no one can understand. Going to Cp for eating during rain without umbrella. Scotty ride during lecture time. Going in lecture when the teacher is about to leave the class. Sitting in lecture and having selfies. Changing the ringtone and chose fav songs. And making ring on each and every phone just to irritate the teacher and him leave the class early. Non stop talking in metro. The list is too big that I can fill a thick notebook and then also I can't able to write it all . Thanks for crazy life. 


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